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Chatsilo Review

A Tool to Sale on Facebook Marketplace in (2020)

I was talking to one of my clients, who was suffering to convert the leads into final sales. So I asked him, what is the reason for that? He answered,
a lack of knowledge of available technology to use and sales techniques.
I believe, these are the main issues which most of the businessmen face. These days, online shopping becomes a habit of many buyers.

In fact, people have stopped going to a physical store to make purchases. This drastic change has forced many sellers to go online to sell their products and services.

Now the question is how to generate leads and convert them into sales?

There are multiple ways that you can use to get leads but the one that I’m going to discuss might help you to get better results in a short time. I’m referring to the Facebook marketplace so please read my review till the end as you might find the permanent solution for your everyday sales.

Importance of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a great platform to sell your products to a targeted audience. In October 2018, about 800 million people used this platform throughout the globe. As the name states, a marketplace is a destination where people can buy and sell their products and services.

It’s such a great destination that people don’t need to do anything to find potential buyers. They all have to do is filter the results by location, category, and price. Once the filter is done, just advertise your products to them and you can easily get warm leads which can get coveted into sales.
How to get sales from Facebook Marketplace

Chatsilo offers a great platform to get in touch with your potential customers. It’s a mini Facebook Messenger CRM which helps you nurture your leads, manage your chats, and follow up with prospects for more sales on the Facebook marketplace. Chatsilo is specially built to sell considering the way Facebook Marketplace operates.

Let’s look at its features.

  • It helps you to create your own funnels and keep track of your conversations
  • It offers customer relationship management software (CRM) by which you can properly manage inbound and outbound messages.
  • Built especially for Facebook Marketplace, you can get a lot of messages from potential buyers to achieve the daily sales target.



Facebook Marketplace has a large community of buyers who are always looking to buy something. Listing of ads that is aimed at end-user instead of businesses is a proven method to increase your sales in this digital world. Proper use of Chatsilo will certainly help you to get more sales from such an exciting community. Now it’s time to take some action and experience this tool. So please click here to sign up and increase your sales with less effort.