Ask Avi Arya


You need to start somewhere because sitting ideally and dreaming big does not help. You need to give power to your belief system and make everything count and then assess your shortcomings.

Eventually one might realize that despite correct analysis and right approach things are not multiplying the way they should have been.

Ultimately, the requirement of a one-in-all tool for tracking and managing your clicks arises. People like you and me have been led to believe that what google analytic is showing is true. But as a matter of fact, no, mostly the results are affected by ‘BOTS’ and even have many other limiting factors.

In case you have been looking for something that would support retargeting and lets you target your ads and manage your most profitable clicks; we have the perfect thing for you.

I would recommend ClickMagick to anyone out there who is takes marketing seriously and is willing to take their business to next level. It has been a game-changer for many irrespective of being small or big.

it is as simple as watching their tutorial videos and then setting up the two links and you can start with retargeting within minutes. Voila! You are done. Believe me, it is a real deal.
The whole idea behind creating ClickMagick was to give marketers the modern tracking solution that works on utilizing industry standard UTM tracking parameters when added to your URLs for tracking.

There are absolutely no redirects involved and you can send people directly to your pages, like your present trends.
The system uses only first-party cookies on your domain, which cannot be blocked by users who prefer to use any third-party ad-blocking or similar software.

Another amazing feature that is worth mention here is the seamless cross-device and phone sales tracking. Earlier it was just limited to just big shots but ClickMagick has made it the tool for any small business that advertise online.
It gives you real solutions and has a 24/7 support team to assist you as well.

The latest updated product is called ClickMagick campaigns. It is the simplest and most intelligent way to track and optimize your Google, Facebook, YouTube, and any other paid ads or promotional links.

It just requires three simple steps:

  • Step 1-add code
  • Step 2-build a URL
  • Step 3-send traffic

It has many other features to benefit from as well, like

  • Cross-device tracking
  • Track your phone sales
  • Help Ad Network find you more great customers
  • Reduce wasted ad spend with click shield
  • Automated & intelligent split testing

It is a magical product that can track, test, and improve all your marketing and that to in one place. Do go and check it out or even try the free version, you are going to feel the difference just about using ClickMagick before and after.