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How to get leads from Facebook groups- GroupBoss

Do you want to know how to get leads from Facebook groups without copy-pasting and low-level admin jobs?

You came to the right place.

I have found a CRM for FB group owners and community leaders. Its called “GroupBoss

Do you want to turn your Facebook group into the revenue-generation machine? Then keep reading.


What is GroupBoss?

Facebook groups are a great way to generate leads right now. But it has been difficult to reach your audience outside of Facebook. But this has changed with the Google Chrome extension called “GroupBoss”


How does GroupBoss work?

When you join a Facebook group you are asked some questions like name, email address etc.
Now when you want to monetize your group these emails are just like gold.

But this has been a big problem.

If you are growing fast then you have to turn on auto-approval. And this is where you will be losing gold. Because when set to auto approval all information along with emails just vanishes.

So you have to manually approve of everyone.

Then you will have to copy all this information and paste into your email autoresponder one by one manually. It becomes very inefficient when you are growing fast.

This where GroupBoss saves the day.

With GroupBoss you can get all your data on Google sheet with one click. It also integrates with most popular email responder.

Now you can nurture your leads and make tonnes of sales without manually copy-pasting email addresses of your customers.

GroupBoss will create a custom audience using the name and emails collected. This can be used to show ads and reduce cost with help of lookalike audience.

How to use GroupBoss

Installing GroupBoss is a very simple process.

  1. Install GroupBoss chrome extension
  2. Visit your Facebook group
  3. Click on extension
  4. Share your google sheet URL inside GroupBoss
  5. Integrate with you favourite
  6. Autoresponder
  7. As soon as you approve by GroupBoss the data is going to be filled in google sheet

Simple isn’t it?


Is it for you?

GroupBoss is for you if you have a very active Facebook group that you want to monetize in future,

  1. Coach who need more clients
  2. Content Creators who want more exposures
  3.  Trainers & Online Course Producers who want to sell more of their courses.
  4.  Consultants
  5.  Non-profit projects that need more donations from their groups.
  6.  eCommerce stores and businesses that need to create a loyal audience.
  7.  Stay home mom who wants a side gig helping others by teaching cooking, arts, sewing, creative designs, etc.
  8.  Community Manager for product or services
  9.  Software & Support communities their members to keep them informed & engaged.

If you are one of the above people then this tool will help you grow faster.


Features and pricing

It has two plans one Yearly Popular (Influencer)$99 and other Mega Plan Lifetime

The only difference between them is the number of Facebook groups. Influencer allows up to 5 groups and mega allows unlimited groups.

You can configure Google sheet and export data in CSV format.

If you have an active group that you want to monetize then GroupBoss will save you the trouble of low-level admin jobs and grow faster and efficient.

Go on GroupBoss website and sign up today.