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Content that is shared over social media has been evolving regularly. Something that started as a platform to text friends and then later on people started sharing images, GIFs, files and Videos.


In the current scenario many of these platforms are actively pushing out the content in the form of Images and Videos. Lately the trend has been moving onto video content creation which is now getting a lot of traction.


Going by the trend and not to disappoint the users, these platforms have been implementing the video strategy in various forms. Taking some examples, Reels for Instagram, short video for Facebook, Youtube and then the super hit application among the millennials, Tik Tok.


But as a content creator you must be going crazy modifying the way your content is. Most of your time would be spent on

  • Changing the aspect ratio of the video

  • Customizing the design and template of the video

  • Curating the content according to the platform

  • Sharing content at various time interval to match the audience activity

Prepping for this will take hell a lot of time for you. Today we are going to introduce a tool that will not just make this work simple but will also help you in automating this whole process saving your precious time which you can invest in to create other content.


Repurpose is one such tool, packed with some powerful features which lets you to tweak your video to match the platform on which you would be sharing it. With over 12000+ content creators around the world already betting on this too for their cross platform video strategy, these tools hold a great potential for the users. 

Before we jump in to see how it is helping the users. Lets understand how it works


  1. Sign up and connect your social media platforms to repurpose
  2. Create your workflow where you decide, which platform to publish from and the format
  3. Auto publish and schedule


So, now that you know how to set up your account, let’s understand how this tool is gonna help you make your life easy as a cross platform content creator?


  • Toggle between Square and Vertical video


Since each platform has their own specific dimension in which the content has to be updated and this becomes difficult as a content creator to upload the same content in various other platforms. Repurpose tool makes it easier for you to adjust the content format as per the platform. Upload your content, select the platform, place to add and the tool will do all the magic.



  • Facebook live to Youtube and podcasts


Those who go live on facebook frequently do understand this problem where they would not be able to share the live video to other platforms. However with this tool. It would be a simple task to share and put in your live video to Youtube and also you can convert the live video as a podcast and publish the same for your audience



  • Autopublish zoom recordings to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn


As a content creator people do collaborate with various influencers and few such collaborations get very interesting which you would never miss to add to your other platforms. Recording the video and then sharing the content might consume your time. But with this tool, you could directly share your meeting recordings to the social platforms and reach more audience.



  • Schedule your content for various platforms


With all the above features Repurpose ensures you to have content that can be shared in all other platforms apart from this, it also helps you in being consistent in all these platforms. The tool enables you to schedule your across various platforms to ensure that content is delivered to the audience at the time when they are active. 



  • Distribute your podcasts and Facebook Live content to 50+ TV networks


Not just these, one of the biggest advantages of this platform is the ability to reach an additional number of audience with its partner channels. With a strong community of 50+ channels, repurpose ensures that your content is taken to the audience that are most likely to consume.

As new social platforms are being created everyday, it becomes very much important for the content creators to automate the work to accommodate their content to all these platforms. Repurpose as a tool just makes this task easy with many other additional features. Go now and optimise your content now!

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