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Youtube, something that started off as a video sharing platform in 2005 has now emerged as one of the leading search engines in 2020, thanks to its wide range of creators and tonnes of content that is being uploaded there daily. With the option that youtube has given its creators to grow their footprint over the digital platform and make living out of it, a lot of others have been attracted to this platform and have already started their journey.

But how to ensure that your entry into this platform doesn’t result in slogging for hours with no results? Well today we have an expert who started his career in youtube as a newbie and now has partnered with most of the big names in the industry and mentors thousands.

Rob Balasabas, a fellow Youtuber, is the brand evangelist at TubeBuddy, speaker at various conferences and podcasts. He often creates content on his various social media channels and youtube on Marketing, new gen tools and softwares, basically everything you need to know if you want to be a successful content creator one day.

Going back to his early days, Rob was a shy kid who never shot a video of himself. He used to post some random stuff but never a video of himself. When he saw scope in the video content creation space where many were struggling to excel, he jumped in and started making content on “How to” stuff which were focused much on topics related to tech and social media.

He started putting up his content in various channels and analysed where he is getting much traction and continued to focus there. Also to get an idea on what content the audiences want, he would often put stories in Instagram or facebook and ask people what they would like to watch. This helped him to come up with the content that is watched more by the audiences.

For the question on How his videos are so successful he explains that, trying to solve the problems of your audience is the key. Rob usually keeps intro for his videos very short, something like “Hey, today in this video we are gonna understand How to increase your followers on Instagram”. This provides more value to the viewer for the time they are investing and making them watch other videos of him.

He also suggests the budding content creators to choose a micro niche in which the creators are expert in. Do their research on what keywords to add, how many people are searching for those terms and stuff.

Let’s say you are a Digital Marketing professional who is expert in eMail marketing, don’t start with creating content on How digital marketing works or what is email marketing. Rather than that, tell your audience what are the tools they can use for email marketing in one video, prepare another video for email automation and one for how to analyse your email campaign. This would be helpful for the audience searching for these topics in particular and since these are short with more value, they would tend to watch your next video bringing in more watch hours.

Adding another strategy to those who are shy on camera he says, get other content creators interviewed on your channel. This way you don’t have to be on the spot light. This way eventually you would gain confidence and also win trust of many audiences, which is very much important these days as both personal brand and a Business.

With his consistency and awesome content creations skills, he was able to interview many influencers over his channel and this got his invitations to various conferences, summits, online events and podcasts. His work got him a chance to share the stage with people whom he idolised in his early days as a content creator and he cherishes those moments.

With the experience that he got in his career as a content creator he started off his own venture, TubeBuddy, which provides tools, guidance to the content creators out there on What content they should work on, how to reach more audience and how to excel as a content creator. Youtube algorithm is something which he asks everyone to understand. These algorithms decide on how your video performs over the platform and your success.

So Tubebuddy helps you to decipher these algorithms. This tool lets you understand, for a particular topic, what keywords the audience is using to search for the video they are interested in. Also with this keyword it would also suggest you other relevant topics which people are interested in and can get you more number of views ultimately enhancing the way you videos perform there.

And here is an awesome offer which Rob was very much generous to provide to our audience where they would be getting a trial period of 30 days with access to all the premium features at no cost. To avail this opportunity, do reach out to us . We again thank Rob for being with us and we wish him and his business a great success.


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