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Have you ever thought of ways that will take your business to next level? Being a pro in your field is what you always desire. Well, you are not alone. Marketing strategies can make or kill your product.

Today video marketing has more reach and helps in the conversion of leads into sales. Do you know why? Well simply because it has the power to build trust and is more assertive. Clarity about the product is what every customer wants. If you can deliver a convincing video, half your work is already done, don’t you agree.

So now the next thing that comes to your mind is how and where to start.

Many times, we try to work on a certain video or feel the need to incorporate new ideas but are unable to manage it.

Kate Skavish found herself in a similar situation a few years back. She was trying to make her creation different but due to the unavailability of the required tools, she felt a little lost.

So, in the year 2017, she co-founded WAVE.VIDEO, a tool that can give your video a new perspective. It gives wings to your imagination. WAVE.VIDEO came into existence out of the sheer need of marketers and agencies. It is highly customizable and this is its unique selling point.

It incorporates a few basic fundamentals like the focus area of the product, marketing strategy, and client needs. Simply by adding the three basic entities anyone can master the art of making a successful video. The required tools to do the needful is available at

Make and repurpose videos for every channel, is the main idea behind the success of this tool. It helps you in creating a video compatible with all social media platforms at one go. Be it your emails, website, or blog, with just one tool in hand, everything gets sorted at once. The best part is, this tool helps in organizing your videos and reuse them in the future as per consumer demand.

Few advantages of using WAVE.VIDEO as part of your marketing solutions are

  • Ad-free video hosting
  • Free stock library of videos, images, and audio clips
  • Make as many videos as you need
  • Inspirational calendar with video ideas
  • Fully customizable video player
  • Auto-generating video landing pages
  • Perfect video landing pages
  • Perfect video maker for agencies
  • Auto- resizing for 30+ video formats

The entire team works on the solution-based concept. They provide video editors, video ads maker, online video maker, animated text generator, and video marketing as well.

So, whether it is a Facebook ad video or a webinar invite, Instagram story ad video, or promotion video all you need is one tool. You even plan a video calendar for round the year promotions. The tool can even help you with booking appointments and lead generation videos. It is an amazing piece of technology at your service. All it takes is 10 to 15 min and you are done for the day for your social media campaigns.

WAVE.VIDEO has over a period of time, proven itself to be one of the best online editors. With it, one may easily combine video clips, change font and colours, background, customize and apply various filters. It is all done with just a few clicks and you are good to go. Sounds unbelievable but it’s true.

To top it, all your edits are automatically saved in the cloud and it’s available for future use as well.
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