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Have you ever thought about being limitless and expansive?

No, I am not asking you to play the role of a superhuman but yes, I want you to give it a thought.

If we look at the bright side, this pandemic has presented us with abundant opportunities in times of crisis as well. We might notice that smart people have made the most of this unprecedented situation.

All it takes is a stable internet connection and will to take your business online with the use of modern technology. It may be as simple as keeping up with the trends.

So, if you are an established consultant, coach, influencer, or just interested in hosting an online training session for your company, Webinar jam is just crafted for you. It is made by marketers for the benefit of marketers.

Webinar jam is a device that is made compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, for seamless interaction. It supports them all and it does everything in a super high definition.
Superb features and a stellar customer support system works like a charm every time.

Webinar jam, in a larger context, is a browser-based solution that does not require any downloads. It provides a creaseless user experience for both the presenter and the attendees. There are no plugins and apps to install, so it reduces the scope of confusion and technical glitches as well.

Go ahead and make your webinars more affordable and super convenient. Webinars can be integrated with MailChimp autoresponders and i contact autoresponders too. This is not all…

It even allows private and secure CND broadcasting along with YouTube live streaming as an added benefit. Webinar jam provides different plans as per your individual needs, which makes it super affordable.

Don’t you want to be part of a success story? Already 50,000+ people across 40 industries are benefiting from this platform.
By now you must be having many conflicting thoughts, like why me? What is so different in Webinar jam that is worth my time?
So, let me initiate and lead you to certain information that will help you move ahead.
You must be aware of different options like- live chat, private comments, sticky announcements, question, and answers, selling offers, screen sharing, more than one presenter, etc …. and many more. Yes, all the above-mentioned topics helps in holding the attention of your attendees and give them a chance to connect.

Another unique feature that adds value to your product is automated recordings. This is called ‘replica replay’. It can mimic second-by-second, everything that had taken place in the Live Room. It gives the registrants another chance to gain value or even download it for later use. Someone who missed the live event can also benefit from it.
Amazing features like Flexible Scheduling and Attendee Spotlight can make your webinars super exciting. The feature helps tailor your live sessions exactly as per your business schedules and gives your attendees more options to enrol for your webinars.
On the other hand, the Attendee Spotlight brings people from the audience onto your virtual platform.

So, what are you waiting for, you can stream your live feed from anywhere, yes anywhere. Just join in from your phone and broadcast your signal without a problem. All you must sit back and allow Webinar jam to schedule a series of reminder notifications, both via email and phone text, so your registrants never miss your events!

Only a click of button is what it takes to make your business webinars into money-minting events with live offers.
Just go ahead and customize your experience cause webinar jam is easy to use.

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